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This pie is also pretty much a guaranteed crowd-pleaser with its two creamy, pumpkin-y layers: one with vanilla ice cream and one with marshmallow fluff!



1 graham cracker pie crust

¾ C vanilla ice cream, softened

C + ½ C pumpkin puree

2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, divided

7 ½ oz jar Marshmallow Fluff

C whipped topping


In a stand mixer or using a hand mixer, blend ⅔ C pumpkin, ice cream and 1 tsp cinnamon on medium.

Pour into the crust and place in freezer.

Meanwhile, clean out your bowl and add ½ C pumpkin, Marshmallow Fluff, and remaining 1 tsp cinnamon.

Beat on medium for about a minute, scraping down bowl half way through. (It will be liquidy.)

Add cool whip and beat for about 30 seconds until combined.

Set aside in fridge for about 20 minutes.

Pour over ice cream layer and put back in the freezer for at least 6 hours to set.

Allow to sit at room temp for about 15-20 minutes before serving.

Optional, add a dollop of whipped topping.