Meal Planning Printables and Ideas

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It’s back-to-school time for many homeschooling families! Busy days can make it hard for moms to get a meal on the table each evening, so this week’s printables and ideas are related to meal planning. We hope you find them helpful as you get back into your homeschool routine!

HHM Adobe Meal Planning

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August-Menu-Plan August Back to School Menu Plan 30Minute Meals
August Back to school menu plan includes 31 days of dinners designed to go from prep to serve in 30 minutes or less. Download PDF includes links to all recipes.
shopping-list Shopping List Printable
This is an editable and printable shopping list to keep moms organized and to shorten grocery shopping time.
meal-plan Meal Planning Printable
Get organized by planning your meals with this printable meal planning calendar.
HHMhomemaking-food Grocery List, Weekly Menu, Recipes, Home Maintenance Printables for Binder – Part 3
Here you’ll find printables of recipes, grocery lists, and weekly menus.
HHMmeal-planning-master-list-organize-meals-by-category-for-quick-planning-429x600 Meal Planning Master List Free Printable
Sort meal ideas by category and quickly plan your week’s meals!
HHMFajitas_edited-2 Free Meal Planner
This 4-page pdf gives you space to plan your inventory, 7-day meal plan, grocery list be category, and grocery list by store.
HHMmenu-notepad-with-tomatoes Meal Planner
With a little preparation, planning your meals in advance can help you save time and money at the grocery store or from dashing through the drive-thru at lunch or dinner.
HHMfood_menu_planner_weekly Weekly Menu Planner
Create more time and cut dinner-hour stress with a free printable weekly menu planner.
chores Chore Chart for Kids Printable
This chore chart for kids is printable and editable. It grows as children grow. Switch, change and swap chores with ease.
cleaning-list Cleaning List Printable
This cleaning list is editable and printable. It is a must-have for every home!
cave-main History: Cave Paintings for Children {Printables}
We love studying history and here is a wonderful set of cards with cave painting pictures that will serve as aids to teach a lesson on cave paintings or to use as inspiration to make your own cave paintings with your kids!

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