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PB&J Pockets Recipe

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A while back, I came up with a yummy and very easy recipe for lunch or a snack for the kids.  It’s not exactly health food, so I probably wouldn’t serve these often. They are, however, a fast idea for a busy day or a fun treat for a play date.

PBJ pic 1 edited

All you need is a tube (or two) of reduced-fat crescent rolls, some jelly, and some peanut butter. I like to use all-natural peanut butter. It does have a bit of sugar in it, but my kids just don’t like the “only peanuts” kind at all, so I compromise. You can use either smooth or crunchy peanut butter. Either will work well. I also use all-natural jelly. It does not contain corn syrup.

PBJ pic 2

The first thing you do is separate the crescent rolls into individual pieces. Then put a small “dollop” of jelly and a small dollop of peanut butter on each piece. The right side of the triangle will be longer than the left side because the sides of the crescent rolls aren’t all the same length.

PBJ pic 3

Next, you take the right side (the longer side) and fold it over to the left. Make sure the peanut butter and jelly is toward the middle of the triangle so you can seal that back edge together.

PBJ pic 4

Then, just bring the point of the triangle that faces toward you up to meet the edge that sits over the peanut butter and jelly.

PBJ pic 5

Pinch together all of the seams to try to keep the jelly from leaking out when they are baked. I almost always have at least one or two of them that leak a bit of jelly, but I do my best to pinch the edges together to minimize it. Even the ones that lose a bit of jelly are yummy!

PBJ pic 6

If I’m taking them somewhere (to a get-together or something), I take the ones that turned out the prettiest. Here are some that I sealed really well that look nice.

PBJ pic 7

Even the ones that come apart a bit still look pretty to me because they have a little bit of color.

I suppose you could also use other “stuffings” for these if you want to. It would be easy to use Nutella instead of peanut butter or to substitute other kinds of jelly, homemade jam, and so on. And if you wanted to get really industrious, you could make your own dough and roll it out thinly instead of using the crescent rolls.  Since I mostly make these when I’m short on time, though, I’ll just keep on using the ready-made ones.

Do you occasionally let your children indulge in a yummy treat? What’s your favorite quick and easy lunch or snack idea? 

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