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Our team member, Conni, who usually posts our recipes each week wasn’t able to post for us today. Instead, I thought I’d share with you about how we do breakfast at my house. Whether you cook breakfast or don’t cook breakfast, you might enjoy this post! Take a look and see, and then we’d love to hear your opinion about it! 

My sister cooks breakfast for her family.  Every day.  I, however, do not cook breakfast for my family.  Ever.  Well…almost never.  I do on rare occasions cook breakfast on Saturdays.  It’s more like brunch, though, because I usually make it around 10:00.  And I usually only make it when I’m starving but can’t wait till lunch, or if I’m just craving homemade hashbrowns.

Getting Up Early At Seven O'Clock In The Morning

Why am I telling you this?  Because my dear sweet sister suggested that I tell you.  She said there were probably homeschooling moms out there who feel guilty for not cooking breakfast for their kids each morning.  She felt like it was worth it for me to sacrifice my own reputation in order to make sure other homeschooling moms out there don’t feel inferior.  😉

My sister’s daughter, Sarah, recently spent the night with my daughter, Mary Grace, at my house.  Sarah loves to eat.  She loves to start her day by eating breakfast.  And she likes “real food” like grits and eggs or cheese toast and fruit or an omelette with turkey bacon, etc.

My daughter does not love to eat.  I usually have to nearly force her to eat.  She just has other more important things to do with her time.  She eats because she must eat in order to live, but she’d rather not bother.  If she does eat breakfast, it’s a little something like yogurt or maybe a fresh peach or half a banana.  (My daughter and her cousin are both 11 years old.)

When Sarah spent the night here, I heard the girls discussing something, but I couldn’t hear everything they were saying.  (No, I wasn’t spying!!  I simply happened to hear part of their conversation as I was walking past Mary Grace’s room.  Honest.)  I heard Mary Grace say something like, “Well, you can ask, but my mom doesn’t do that.”  Then I (accidentally, mind you) heard Sarah say (in a rather incredulous voice) “She doesn’t?!  I can’t believe that!”

Then I quickly walked down the hall as the girls were coming out of Mary Grace’s room.  (So they wouldn’t mistakenly think I was listening in on their conversation.) Sarah said, “What are you cooking for breakfast?”  (cheerful smile)  I laughed out loud and asked, “Um, Sarah, do you know where you are right now?  You’re not at home.  You’re at my house.  And I don’t cook breakfast.”

Sarah’s eyes got big, her mouth hung open, and she looked at Mary Grace with an unbelieving expression.  Mary Grace simply said, “See?  I told  you!”

Then I explained to Sarah that breakfast is kind of an “every-man-for-himself” thing around here.  Why?  Because no two people in this house like to eat the same thing or eat at the same time for breakfast.  For that reason, each person can choose to have cereal (not the sugary stuff), grits, eggs, yogurt, a cheese stick, fruit, or even leftovers from last night’s dinner.  Each person is responsible for getting his or her own breakfast, eating it, and (hopefully) cleaning up after it.  All breakfast must be eaten by or before 9 a.m. in order to keep from ruining the appetite for lunch.  Other than that, there aren’t many rules about it.

My sister and I were discussing this little incident when she told me that I really should post about this.  She said that there were probably other moms like me, you know, those non-breakfast-cooking-moms, who feel guilty for not cooking breakfast.  She said that, if we would all admit that we don’t do it, then all of the other non-breakfast-cooking-moms would feel better about themselves.

So here is my official confession.  I don’t cook breakfast.  If you don’t cook breakfast either, please don’t feel guilty.  Know that you are in good company!  (At least I hope I’m considered “good company!”)  We can still love our kids and make sure they eat at least a little bit of something nutritious in the mornings even if we don’t cook every morning.  So if you’ve been feeling guilty or thinking that you have to start cooking every morning, stop!

Those of you who are like me and don’t cook breakfast, what does your family eat each morning?  Does each person do his own thing?  Do you eat cereal or have muffins available?  For those of you who do cook every morning, do you have any favorite recipes that might inspire the rest of us?  I’d love to get your ideas or recipes!  

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  1. I want to live with your sister, and have my breakfast cooked for me.! I very seldom cook breakfast. It is usually cereal or toast here. Maybe instant oatmeal. (for me.) I too, have a child who would rather not use his time for eating. Occasionally I will make eggs or pancakes, but since I don’t like either, I feel like a short order cook. Plus, how early would I have to get up? No, thank you.

      1. Mmm, this is sounding good. Especially after the day I’ve had. I’m sure she would appreciate me a little. (wink, feeling underappreciated here)

  2. OK, I’m the sister who does cook breakfast, but I have to tell you…I live in a family of carnivores whose favorite meal is breakfast! I, however, couldn’t care less about eating until around 9 or 10! I thought it would be a nice reminder that breakfast does not have to be “traditional” breakfast food. We all tend to get stuck thinking that breakfast has to be certain foods, but it really is perfectly healthy to eat anything you would have at any time of day. My daughter loves salad for breakfast and I’m great with that as long as she adds some protein – a boiled egg, some leftover meat, or cottage cheese, for example. My boys love oatmeal, which is traditional, but which I don’t like. When they have oatmeal, rather than cooking twice, I usually have plain Greek yogurt with a teaspoon of allfruit jam (much less sugar than regular flavored yogurt and lots of protein!). One of my sons particularly loves leftover pork chops for breakfast! So, yes, I do cook on most mornings, but I must admit that this often includes simply warming up leftovers or making an easy omelet with leftover meat and veggies. We are gluten free and it is a bit more difficult to find easy breakfast options that are gluten free but don’t require cooking. Anyway, I want to support and encourage those of you who don’t cook breakfast and let you know that some of us do and some of us don’t, but we all love our kids and keep them home because we are trying to do what is best for them.

  3. I am right there with you! All of us are up at different times and I don’t usually eat breakfast. Dinner is usually the only meal that I actually cook.

    1. That’s the only meal that I cook too, Sally. For lunch we do simple things like sandwiches or heating up leftovers. The evening meal is the one meal each day that we all eat together as a family.

  4. Thank you! Thank you! We’re the same way. I’ve been criticized by others because of it but like you said I have to almost force feed my son in the morning. The only time I cook breakfast is for guest or for dinner! Yes we have breakfast for dinner! So thank you, I do feel less guilty now knowing I’m not alone 🙂

  5. The closest I get to cooking breakfast is popping some French toast sticks in the morning, which is what we did today. Otherwise, it’s cereal, English muffins, or, on occasion, donuts. Like you, sometimes I’ll make brunch on Saturdays, but not often. My daughter actually made brunch last Saturday. I have two reasons for this. A. With ten kids eating, clean-up is hard enough without adding pots and pans to the mix. B. My kids are such picky eaters that even if I did go to the trouble, about 80% of them wouldn’t even eat it.

    1. I know what you mean, Shelly! The few times I did try cooking breakfast in the morning, nobody was very interested in it. It’s definitely not worth the effort and mess if it won’t be eaten anyway!

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