Friendship Soup: DIY Gift in a Jar (With Free Printable Gift Tags)

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Autumn is one of my favorite times of the year to gather with friends and family and enjoy the cool weather and the warmth of fellowship.

On that note, today’s “recipe” is a little bit different because it’s not something to cook in the kitchen and eat immediately. Instead I’m going to share with you a great DIY gift in a jar that you can put together and give away to friends, family or maybe even a host/hostess of a gathering you plan to attend this fall.

This DIY gift, Friendship Soup, is simple to put together and looks really nice as a finished product. Because all of the ingredients are dry goods, the recipient (or recipients) that you gift it to will be able to enjoy this hearty, delicious soup whenever it suits them.  And when they make it, they will remember that they have a friend in you!

This recipe also includes a free, downloadable PDF with gift tags, which include instructions for cooking the soup.  I think this would be an excellent host or hostess gift for autumn or Thanksgiving, but you may also want to keep this Friendship Soup in mind for Christmas–it’s not too far away!

The contents of this gift in a jar includes several hearty, healthy carbohydrates and flavorful seasonings. Your recipient will be able to follow the directions on the gift tag to add the final touches to their dish, but the jar contains most of the items they will need to make the Friendship Soup.

To put your DIY gift together, you’ll need quart-sized,  lidded jars (one for each recipient), some ribbon or raffia to tie around them, and the gift tags (which you can download, below).

Click here, or the image below, to get the free gift tag PDF.

When you are ready to assemble your Friendship Soup jars, there is a specific order you will follow to keep the layers distinct and attractive.

A full list of the ingredient amounts is included in the printable recipe, below. However, here is the order in which you will want to fill each jar.

How to Layer the Ingredients (From Bottom to the Top)

  1. Your dried, minced onion will go in the very bottom of each jar.
  2. Follow this with the dried split peas.
  3. Next, add the rice.
  4. After the rice, add the lentils.
  5. After the lentils, add your beef granules.
  6. Add more split peas.
  7. Next, add the barley.
  8. Follow this with more lentils.
  9. Add the Italian seasoning.
  10. Lastly, place your pasta on top (you may want to put it in a small plastic bag on top, since your recipient will need to use this first.)

Once your gift jars are assembled, they should have a very long shelf-life, so your recipients will be able to use them at their convenience! Seal each jar well with the lid, punch a hole in the top of each gift tag, and attach with with the ribbon/twine/raffia.  Your Friendship Soup is ready to gift!

We love a good DIY gift from the heart! How about you? Do you plan to give this Friendship Soup away to friends or family members this autumn (or this holiday season?) Let us know! 

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Friendship Soup: DIY Gift in a Jar (With Free Printable Gift Tags)

  • Author: Trish Corlew


Looking for an adorable DIY gift to share with your friends? This Friendship Soup makes a thoughtful gift in a jar. It also features long-lasting ingredients so that your recipients can enjoy this soup at their convenience. This recipe also includes free, printable gift-tags with cooking instructions to make your final product even more professional-looking!



1 quart (32 ounce) jar with lid

Printable label/gift tag

1 cup dried split peas

1 cup dried lentils

½ cup pearl barley

⅓ cup beef granules

¼ cup dried minced onion

2 teaspoons Italian seasoning

¼ cup uncooked white rice

2 bay leaves

½ cup uncooked small pasta, like Ditalini


  1. To avoid the sifting of seasonings through the beans, layer ingredients in the jar in this order: onion, ½ cup split peas, rice, ½ cup lentils, beef granules, ½ cup split peas, barley, ½ cup lentils, Italian seasoning, and pasta. Optional: place pasta in a small storage bag to make easy to remove.
  2. Seal and attach gift tag.

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