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St. Patrick’s Day Mac N Cheese

Hidden veggies make this St. Patrick’s Day Mac N Cheese tasty and festive!

Every year, right before St. Patrick’s Day, everyone likes to get a little Irish. You will see Pinterest flooded with green treats, four-leaf clover and rainbow art, traditional Irish recipes, and everything Guinness.

There is no end to ways you might celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but when you’re celebrating the holiday with kids, it can be a challenge to make a meal that is healthy and something they will enjoy.

Color anything green, and you have an automatic St. Paddy’s Day recipe. The problem is, the majority of “green” recipes get their four-leaf clover color through food coloring, and that isn’t something every mom wants to add to their kids’ food.

Here’s a terrific solution: a St. Patrick’s Day mac n cheese that uses kale to turn it green, rather than food coloring.

How to Make St. Patrick’s Day Mac N Cheese

Start by cooking the pasta just like normal. You can use whole wheat pasta or any type of pasta you want. You might even want to try out this recipe with veggie pasta. Once the pasta is cooked, simply drain and toss it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil to help keep the pasta from sticking together.

cooked noodles in a bowl

While your pasta is cooking, shred the 8 oz of cheese needed for the mac and cheese. You can buy your cheese pre-shredded if you want, but you might find it more efficient to shred your own cheese with a food processor.

shredded cheese in a food processor

Once the pasta is ready and the cheese is shredded, use a blender to puree the milk and kale together to make a green liquid.

milk and kale in a blender
blended milk and kale

The rest is quick and easy. Pour the green liquid back into the pot you used to cook your pasta and toss in the shredded cheese. Set the heat to medium-high and allow to cook until the cheese is melted.

cheese in pot

Remove from heat and toss with pasta in the same pot. Then transfer your St. Patrick’s Day mac n cheese to a glass casserole dish and bake it.

all ingredients in baking dish

Once your St. Patrick’s Day Mac N Cheese is finished baking, top it with fresh grated parmesan cheese.

Then you can either serve it in the glass casserole dish or transfer it to a more decorative dish.

St. Patrick's Day Mac N Cheese

More St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

While it’s a good idea to serve something healthy for St. Paddy’s Day, it’s okay to whip up something sweet and delectable as well. Here are several options, both the healthy and the decadent variety.

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